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  • ‚Äč- All entry fees must be prepaid!  This is a closed door event and you are welcome by being a Floater or by approved invite only.  If you are a member of the forum you are a "Floater".  If you are not prepaid and not on the list you will not get in.  Deadline for entry fee is no later than September 26th, 2017.  Do not wait!  Pay now to make sure and make the list. No troublemakers!
  • - You must be ready to go through the gate no later than 10:30AM!  The gates will be closed before noon and there will be no more entries to the event.
  • - There will be concessions at this event, but you are allowed to "tailgate" if you choose.  Cooking for others and grills are welcome. 
  • - Flag start races will only be available for about an hour and a half or so.  For the rest of the day we will be running off the tree. 
  • - Grudge races are encouraged.  Talk your smack and be ready to back it up.
  • - There will also be a Gambler's race (bracket style) this year if we have enough wanting to participate.  This will be run by the TRP employees. There is a $20 entry fee to buy into the race.
  • - An award will be issued to the Fastest Pass, Best Light, Best Wheelstand, and People's Choice of best ride on the property and a few others.
  • - Duck Drags t-shirts, decals, etc will be available when you first roll through the gate at the registration booth.
  • - All racing will stop at 5pm for the burnout contest and awards. 
  • - Burnout contest!  Top winner of the contest wins $1000!  Please get with me prior to the date of the event if you wish to participate.  We need a minimum of 4 cars for this contest to happen.

Date - Sunday, October  1st, 2017

Where - Tulsa Raceway Park (Tulsa, OK)

Time - 10:30am - 6'ish pm (No racing after 5pm)

Price - $40 per racer and $15 per spectator.  Kids that are 15 and under are free!  All spots must be paid by no later than September 26th, 2017

Contact - For any comments, questions, etc e-mail me at

Payment Info - 
**  You must have a registration packet to enter the gate. 
All entries (racers & spectators) will have a wristband and all racing hot rods will have a window card.  Please enclose a mailing address for your packet to be sent to you via mail.  Include names of all racers, spectators and what vehicles you will be bringing. **

You can e-mail me for a mailing address for sending payment, or you can pay by using  If you choose to use PayPal, be descriptive on how many entries you are paying for and a general head count.  PayPal payment address is also

The exclusive Duck Drags!  The Duck Drags is a Sunday afternoon event set up for members of The World Of DuckusCrapus.  It is a closed gate / invite only type of gig.  We will have the strip to all to ourselves for an afternoon with a few exciting exhibition cars running.  If you are interested in attending the Duck Drags feel free to join the forum or contact me at 

We will be doing some nostalgic flag start races again!  "Monkey" will be defying gravity to give you the full effect of a real flag starter.

Also, back by popular demand is the Burnout Contest!

Scroll down for details and payment info.

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